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You don't like self-promotion, do you?

If you are like the majority of the Intellectual Property Experts, you probably do not like marketing, you hate selling and you absolutely detest personal branding.

Your analytical mind prefers facts over perceptions and is not comfortable with self-promotion. You love the precision and intellectual challenge of your work, not approaching and getting rejected by the prospects you do not even know.

You are a professional skeptic, which makes you successful in the field of IP. Frankly, I bet you are questioning everything that is said on this website!

One thing is for sure. You didn’t go to law or engineering school (or both) to learn selling!

At IPR Leads Institute we know exactly where you are coming from. And that is the starting point in our training.

Business development skills = Control and leverage

No matter what business you are in, nothing happens before the business has a client.

Objectively, you may be the best patent attorney or have the best IP litigation practice in the world but if you cannot communicate that to the marketplace, you have a problem. No business developed, no business to be done.

On the opposite side, when you have a predictable system for client attraction and conversion, you have all the control. When you know how to get more IP clients, you become invaluable to your company. If you are solo IP practitioner, you HAVE to know how get clients or you are done.

Those who know how to develop more business have more control and leverage over their working hours, they work with better clients and cash out the largest bonuses.

Introducing... IPR Leads institute

IPR Leads Institute is the world’s #1 Digital Learning Platform for Business Development Skills dedicated to Intellectual Property Experts only.

We teach you the theory on how business development in the field of IP works. We have studied it to down to the detail.

We also give you the “how?” Theory is nothing without practice. The goal of this learning platform is to provide you with a complete action plan with which you can start gaining more clients and more control over your IP Career.

As an IP Expert, you are extremely busy. Unlike traditional sales training, now you can learn whenever you want, wherever you want and on whichever device possible. You can even download the lessons and watch them later, for example on an airplane.

Empathy in selling is a game changer. Our aim is that you do not have to turn into a slimy salesperson that you are not.

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